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Real Power for Virtualisation

Market Solution 


Eaton integrates with virtual platforms

Managing your power infrastructure within a virtual platform is vital for increasing the uptime and reliability of your IT applications.

Manage power in virtual environments

Eaton Intelligent Power software makes it easy to manage power devices in virtualised environments. It plugs into leading virtual machine management systems, including VMWare vCentre and XenCenter, and integrates power management functions so that all UPSs and ePDUs in the virtual network can be viewed in the same application, together with network, physical server and storage information.

Minimise or eliminate downtime

If there is a local power failure, the Intelligent Power software triggers live migration of virtual machines to a back-up facility, ensuring data integrity and zero downtime. Intelligent Power software is ideal for controlled, graceful shutdown of hypervisors and their guests during prolonged power outages. It invokes shutdown or hibernation of virtual machines, signals the hypervisor to shut down and powers off the physical servers. Intelligent Power software is also helpful for monitoring and managing the power protection of NetApp storage devices in conjunction with hypervisors and virtual machines.