About Us


About Us

Datec (Fiji) Pte Limited specializes in the delivery of information and communications technology solution to businesses in Fiji and Pacific region countries. From its beginning 39 years ago, Datec is now one of the largest technology provider in Fiji and region. Our business has been built on sound business practices over many years and a strong affiliation with some of the largest technology providers in the world.

Datec (Fiji) became a subsidiary of Vodafone (Fiji) on May 2015 thereby becoming part of the ATH Group of companies, which is publicly listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. ATH has various technology and telco related investments in Fiji and the region.

With our proven service and support expertise, we are a logical choice for many of the “giants” in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry seeking a Business Partner in the South Pacific region. Customers include large corporates, BFSIs, government, statutory organizations, non-profit organizations retailers, traders, and small to medium businesses.

Our Mission

To create Resilient, Scalable and Secured ICT ecosystem for Fiji & the Pacific to foster Digitalization, Innovation and enable Growth through Continuous Improvement.


Our Vision

To be the most important ICT Solution provider in Fiji and the Region.


Our Values

  1. Impact with Innovation
  2. Excellence with Quality
  3. Trust & Integrity
  4. Diversity & Inclusion
  5. Teamwork

Our Philosophy

To succeed by constantly and consistently satisfying our customers, shareholders, and employees; operate the organization efficiently, profitably and implementing methods leading to continuous improvement and growth.

Our People

Datec employs more than 100 employees; our people are our company's greatest asset. Each employee is valued and treated with respect, and we ensure that our workforce represents the diverse ideas, cultures, being community friendly while complying with the code for being an “Equal Employment Opportunity” employer. We foster a committed and engaged workforce through continuous learning, an equitable recognition system and a conducive culture that embraces our core values and appreciates resilience and innovation.




Datec has implemented a Quality Management System built around its focus on Customer Service, its people, standardised high-quality work processes and a system for continuous quality improvement. In 1998 Datec was formally recognized as a quality organization with the ISO9002 certification - a feat no other IT company had achieved in Fiji till 1998. Over the years datec has progressed from ISO9002 to ISO 9001:2008; and recently in 2016 Datec made a successful transition to the ISO 9001:2015 certification of quality management accredited by BVQI. Our ISO 9001: 2015 Certification has been successfully renewed on 2nd September 2022.



In 2019 and 2023 we won the Fiji Business Excellence Prize Award. The award is recognition of an organizations continuous effort to achieve excellence in ‘leadership, strategy, customer focus, information management, people, processes and most importantly achieving superior business results.