Key Technologies Driving Digital Transformation


Key Technologies Driving Digital Transformation

In this digital world, the organization needs to develop new applications, using agile processes and new tools to assure rapid time-to-market. Simultaneously, the organizations still expect IT to operate and manage the traditional applications which provide much revenue. To survive in the business, the organization must transform and adopts modern technologies to support digital transformation. Some of the critical technologies that drive digital transformation are Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.


Both Mobility and Digital Transformation are an enormous area for which Datec facilitates the solution by taking Security and Technical considerations as part of the DTMS Portfolio.


Datec manages "Anywhere Cloud-based Workspaces" (AWS, Azure, VMware, and Citrix) on behalf of customers as a Virtual CIO (vCIO) and Virtual Cloud OpsManager (vCOM). It includes the process as mentioned above. Datec articulates the Workspace Core Solution deliverable via Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure Services based on first-class B2B, B2E, or B2C.

Datec has been successful in participating with Vodafone for providing Digital Transformation Services to the Fiji Government, e.g. e-Transport.