Seamless, campus-wide coverage that reduces complexity
Connecting users across a campus environment presents unique challenges — it’s not as easy as connecting an office or even an entire building. It requires a blend of solutions integrated into a unified system, connecting users over acres or even miles of open space, in multiple structures, in applications such as:
  • Hospital and healthcare campuses
  • Oil, gas and electrical industrial plants
  • College campuses or entire school districts
  • State or federal government office districts
  • Industrial parks or business campuses
CommScope has the expertise to provide a single source for the multiple solutions these deployments demand to connect your facilities and buildings together into a seamless, high-bandwidth, high-reliability network. Copper or fiber, indoor or outdoor, CommScope solutions have proven themselves in deployments of all sizes all over the world.

Because no two campuses are alike, CommScope can customize your solutions to suit your specific needs — overcoming challenges such as distance, bandwidth requirements, and even the materials used in the construction of your buildings. It’s that expertise that makes CommScope the right partner for your campus-wide deployment.

Get to uptime in less time
Time is money when it comes to bringing a data center online. The longer it takes to get to uptime, the longer it takes to start earning revenue. And there’s no shortage of challenges that slow down installation and increase CapEx, such as: 
  • Labor-intensive field termination that requires installers to strip cable and punch down outlets before making connections
  • Time-consuming troubleshooting and error corrections — about five percent of installed cables typically require re-termination 
  • Unpacking products and matching components
That’s why it makes sense to turn to CommScope for rapid deployment cabling solutions that accelerate the process, reduce costs and help you get to uptime in less time. Our complete family of cabling solutions includes:
  • InstaPATCH® QUATTRO, a cassette and trunk-based solution that combines intelligence with factory termination and testing for plug-and-play ease and speed
  • InstaPATCH® Cu, the preterminated copper connectivity solution designed to your specifications and delivered with labeling that speeds deployment
  • InstaPATCH® 360, the preterminated fiber connectivity solution that delivers exceptional performance with simpler installation
CommScope understands that data center deployments demand the fastest, most reliable and foolproof solutions available. That’s why our rapid deployment cabling solutions get you from installation to uptime in less time.