Dell Power Store


Introducing the next phase of software-driven 
Continuously Modern storage.
Organisations must be flexible in this unstable world so they can adjust to any scenario. IT must support businesses not only by fostering innovation but also by making sure that security is always top-of-mind. Automation and multi-cloud control are essential.
The fastest-ramming new architecture in Dell's history is PowerStore, which was created using Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Organizations are continually running their workloads on the most up-to-date technology thanks to its continuously updated design and built-in automation, and it has recently received a significant boost.
PowerStore gives organizations the power to:
Boost workload

and get business
results faster
Stay continuously
modern and embrace

change with confidence
Innovate without limits
to help build your next business breakthrough
If you’d like to discuss how Dell storage can give your organization a continuously modern storage experience, please get in touch.
Datec Team