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Windows Server 2012

Billed as an elastic, scalable application and web platform, Microsoft’s latest server edition serves to help organisations cloud-optimise their IT environment.

Windows Server 2012 can deliver a virtualisation platform that enables organisations to move to cloud services and from on-premises to hybrid or hosted environments. Using our extensive Microsoft expertise and holistic approach to delivering desktop services, Datec can help procure, deploy and offer post-support for Server 2012 for your organisation.
Foundation: Foundation is ideal for organisations with single-processor servers and 15 users or fewer.
Essentials: Essentials is for one- or two-processor servers and is connected from the cloud. It can be used for up to 25 users.
Standard: Ideal for non- or lightly-virtualised environments, each license under this Windows Server 2012 edition covers up to two physical processors on a single server and two virtual machines, also known as instances. You can add more virtual machines under this edition by adding more licenses to the server.
Data centre: This license also covers up to two physical processors on a single server, but allows unlimited virtual machines. For this reason, this option is ideal for organisations with highly-virtualised environments that may be planning to move to private cloud setups.
Key for organisations to know for Windows Server 2012 is that it will still align with Microsoft’s System Center 2012 and Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) licensing model. Under this Enterprise Agreement, SCE offers the Core Infrastructure Suite as a more cost-effective option for customers that wish to acquire both System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012. There are two choices:

  • CIS with System Center 2012 Standard and Windows 2012 Standard
  • CIS with System Center 2012 Datacentre and Windows 2012 Datacentre


The Foundations edition of Windows Server 2012 is available through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) license while Essentials is available through a server license.

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